New Business Called Huskroken

The New Business called Huskroken works on a very unique concept. A lot of people who like to knit and stitch, scour yarn stores for the perfect color for their knitting projects. In most cases, the search is futile as the companies manufacture yarn in a range of colours but they don’t really have every single hue. And when creativity calls, a person who is looking for a particular colour of yarn will settle for no other.

New Business called Huskroken

But now, all of that is history. Studio Huskroken is the one place where you will find your very own yarn label. We use environmentally-friendly dyes to dye our own yarn and you can tell us what your colour requirements are. Once you have given us the colour of your choice, we will do our level best to procure the perfect-coloured dye and use it to dye the yarn in the colour you have been looking for.

The Dyeing Process

We use a specialised pigment dyeing process that makes use of ground pigments, instead of any true dye. This is not dyeing in the strictest sense of the word as only the outside of the yarn gets coated and does not penetrate the fibres like any dye would. There are some distinct advantages to this dyeing method.

  • A range of textiles and yarn can be dyed using this process. Wool yarn & cotton yarn get dyed beautifully as so do blended yarns.
  • Though this is a specialised process, it is not a very expensive one and you will be able to get the custom-coloured yarn you need at very realistic pricing.
  • Since our dyes are environmentally-friendly, they are very gentle on the fibres of the yarn and you will be able to use it to knit garments that are soft and comfortable.
  • Some pigment dyes do not have a fast colour, but we use a special resin fixing method which ensures that the dyes adhere to the fabric well.
  • The yarn is also pre-treated with resin and this conditions it and gives it added softness and bounce.

Ancient Knitting Techniques

But this is not all we do at the New Business called Huskroken. We also have an expansive range of crafts books on various knitting stitches. These beautiful and much-awaited knitting books are now available in new editions. You will find a number of tips and ideas that have been inspired by ancient knitting techniques and patterns. You will also learn how to knit different garments in an expert manner.

The Best Products

We also like to keep the excitement going and hold a number of exhibitions for people who have an interest in knowing more about the origins of yarns and dyes. You will find interesting information about Old Gotland knitting and about people who grow special organic cotton.

In short- New Business called Huskroken is the expert and specialist company that brings to you the best yarn products. We keeping adding new colours and dyes and offer you a wider range of yarn to choose from, with every passing day.